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As biased as I am towards Edje over GTK, Ill try to keep this objective. I made a point on lately that GTK has to step its game up in the canvas department because Edje and even QT are now more powerful than GTK. Even TK/TCL can look better. Just see some of the […]

After the release of Cerium, the question of an icon theme came about. I have had to duke it out converting icon themes to E17 theme before. Its boring, time consuming and slightly silly. So Ive decided to tackle this pain in the ass, so other themers can import icon themes easily for use in […]

After making a bunch of E17 themes, the biggest pain is figuring out the locations of everything! Back in the day, I spent hours bugging people in #e on Freenode IRC asking where a certain widget was. So to save your sanity, Ive provided a list of widgets and things with their locations here! Remember, […]

Edje Chop-Shop.


Welcome to the Edje chop-shop. Lets dive right into it! First, let make a new theme. Now, Ive always admired my own menu item effect on Grunge theme. What can I say, Its neat. Ive also heard the subtle effect on Ceriums menu items is kind of cool too! Aren’t I just great!? Anyway. Lets […]

Theme colours are a touchy area. Some artists like the theme set to a specific way, and some users want to customise their look. While the heated battle rages on, there are some things we can do in Edje that allows for both. In GTK, you have engines and themerc files that alter the way […]

Lets talk about borders. A border is typically something to define a region and give some sort of control to that area. In E17 we are luck enough to not only control the border, but also the actual area the program is drawn in. What does that mean? Well, since its a ‘swallow’ object it […]