MIME type icons for EFM


After the release of Cerium, the question of an icon theme came about. I have had to duke it out converting icon themes to E17 theme before. Its boring, time consuming and slightly silly. So Ive decided to tackle this pain in the ass, so other themers can import icon themes easily for use in EFM (and in the future, E17 itself).

Now IDEALLY, the MIME type icons should be coming from the Icon Theme selector in E17, but thats not the case. Apparently there are caching issues and of course, the matter of icon themers not following standards. Ive been assured it’ll get support one day, but till then, there is this.

Now this program only works with FreeDesktop/Tango compliant icon themes. Without all the needed icons the build trips over itself and wont work. It shows you the error tho, and you can try to correct it, or try a different theme. Alternatively, you can use this ‘icon-naming-utils’ to try to generate a Tango compliant icon theme from a non-compliant one.

The program is written with BUC and Bash basically. Its an XML parser that turns your bash scripting into a nice little GUI. Ive already bugged the EWL guys for a port but Ill just have to wait on that one. 🙂

So here it is. Icons2efm

Edit: There is already plans to make EFM use MIME type icons. The idea is to fix the caching first then start using MIME types since the old system for caching in _mime.c is a bit little silly. So, it seems my work here is already redundant! Good job guys 🙂

Preview of Icons2efm

Preview of Icons2efm


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