Whats up, Doc?


Documentation is a must when it comes to any sort of software. I believe there are 2 things that make a popular piece of software. Publicity and documentation. And you should always go for the later before the former! Theres no use in pushing a release of something that isn’t documented, as the average Joe will say “OK, now what the hell can I do with it?”. The other thing that fails is a developer finding an application or lib and there isn’t any documentation on how to code with it. Its a little like getting a F14 fighter jet and not knowing how to fly.

So why the rant on documentation? Well it seems everyone is pushing for a release of something soon, but forgetting the point that no-one will know how to use it. Since EFL and E17 are quite drastically different to other libraries and window managers/desktop environments, we suffer from the ‘niche’ market in comparison to GNOME and KDE. Even XFCE has a growing user base. These all have hefty documentation on how-to and plenty of wiki articles about making it easier. Now because E17 is still considered *incomplete* we are in a position to setup a great deal of documentation on it all ranging from EFL documents, all the way up to ‘How-to use the advanced theme editor’ and so on.

What would be great, is a specific week that everyone chooses a topic to write about, and makes an article about it. It cant be someone elses topic and should be coordinated on the mailing lists, both user and devel (to allow for user participation on E17 things). It shouldn’t have to be anything long, but should cover all the points in the topic you’ve chosen. Then after that week someone/some people can review all the work and announce a job well done by all. I know its a dream, but I’m sure willing to participate.



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