Reaching towards the future


Recently, Ive been enlisted by raster to help him finish off the new E17 theme. It is a great honor and privileged to be granted access to the appearance of E17 which will no doubt carry it to its final release. Its basically making a ‘small’ theme but also a good looking theme. As an experienced E17 themer myself, I will be using techniques to try to make re-themeing as easy as possible. Raster has already crammed the code full of comments, but I will also be adding some more.

Now, I do NOT want to encourage people to just be boring with the original theme. So Im putting together a small ‘themers’ kit to make thememing easier. It will consist of a wiki page that will be easy enough to access full of useful and easy to understand information. With the power of Edje, we can make E17 the most amazing looking window manager and/or desktop for linux and everything that runs it.

Back to creating the new E17 theme!


5 Responses to “Reaching towards the future”

  1. 1 tachyon

    Great job!!! Where can i find the new e17 theme???

    I’m not able to creating edje infaces but i’m a good web designer, so i was trying to create a new e17 theme: the problem is that is to hard form me.

    I realised 20 mockup with images for e17 themes, about 300 images… unluckily i can’t use inkscape or other os apps, i work with Fireworks on windows… anyway please take a look on my e17 buttons… and shelves…


    I only modified a original e17 theme bling…

  2. 2 edjy

    Thanks fot the comments. This buttons look great! As for the new theme, its available in the new svn repository. Check out from …the theme itself is in trunk/THEMES/b_and_w/ and it works and is somewhere around the 60% complete mark. You might want to hop onto and grab a couple other themes to learn from, or send an email to some of the themers on there and see if a collaboration can start!

  3. Hey Toma great work. Maybe out of context but what do you think about EWL? I cannot seem to find relevant information on how to theme EWL. Would you write something on this?

  4. 4 edjy

    Howdee Olga,
    EWL is much like E17. They both use Edje so all the same methods and tricks apply. ‘ewl_test’ is the best thing to use when making an EWL theme as it has all the components that EWL contains. Heres a brief workflow idea.

    edje_decc default.edc
    (change the images with GIMP or whatever)
    mv default.edj ~/.ewl/themes/yourtheme.edj

    Simple as that! After the move of course, you’ll have to set the theme to ‘yourtheme.edj’ with ewl_config, but thats only for the first time. To really streamline it,

    ./ && mv default.edj ~/.ewl/themes/yourtheme.edj && ewl_test

    I hope that helps a small amount at least. For editing EDC, read up on my ‘Edje Chop Shop’ article and just mix some different edje code together and see what happens. Just remember to keep your text editor open and be ready to use ‘Undo’. And of course, if you get really stuck, connect to freenode IRC and join #e and ask us all in there!

  5. 5 Matteo

    Hi Toma, your “kit” is what I’m looking for!
    I wait for it now! 😀

    I will try the theme in the future, great job.


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