Edje/E17 theme toolbox


After some time, Ive made a bunch of tools to make theme writing a bit easier for myself. Its now time to put all these tools in 1 place for people to access. Ive added most of these tools to the E wiki already, but I thought it would be a good idea to box it all up as 1 easy to grab file.


Included tools are:
Clockhands – To generate clock hand images.
Embryo Examples – A set of small Embryo examples
Icon2efm – A script to generate EFM mime type icons from a Freedesktop compliant icon theme
Inspire Background – A simple 2 object background to examine the way backgrounds should be made in E.
Resource links – Some very useful links from around the E community.

With this toolbox, I hope to make the process of theme creation easier. If there are any other things that could help make it easier, please leave a comment. Or if you have an idea on anything that would make it easier, make a suggestion and Ill consider making it and putting it in the toolbox.

Bonus: For all you GIMP fans out there, put this in your ~/.gimp-2.4/brushes/ folder!



One Response to “Edje/E17 theme toolbox”

  1. you should maybe add edje-save.py in your toolbox. It’s a small python script developed by Renato Chencarek to create edje theme from gimp layers. It’s very usefull. It was originally send to E dev mailing list and can be found here :


    Regards, Nico

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