A lesson in colours.


Hey folks,

Recently, Ive been reminded that there are a huge amount of people out there with colour blindness. There are also many types of colour blindness. So to cater for these people, designers must often stick to a restrictive palette and hinder the overall production of the theme.

I give you, “Grunge“.

Wait a sec… you already have Grunge? Well yes… Ive tweaked it so now you can recolour a lot of the “Bloodsplats” to be whatever you like. Be its an electric blue paint splat, a flouro green alien blood splat, a pink splotch, or leave it the way it is.

How’d I do that? With Edje!!! Woohoo! Specifically tho, here are some of the steps.

  • Create a colour class for your images. [I chose “Grunge_active” and “Grunge_default” to highlight the 2 different states the images go to.]
  • Use GIMP, Edje Editor, Inkscape or anything that can give you R G B A colour values. [eg. 255 255 255 255]
  • Put your colour in the colour class.
  • Set the images to use the colour class. Like this.

description { image { normal: “white.png” } color_class: “Blah”; }

  • Ensure the image used is white and black. Colours in the image will get altered and look weird. (unless you want weird!)
  • Save, compile, and run the theme.
  • Run in a terminal “enlightenment_remote -color-class-color-set Blah 50 200 50 255” to set the colour class named “Blah” to a light green.
  • Read the other -color-class options in enlightenment_remote to really get a hang of it.

Thats about it. When we grant more power to users in themes, we get to involve them in more in E. Thats nothing but a winning formula for but E and the users.




2 Responses to “A lesson in colours.”

  1. Toma,

    I just wanted to register my thanks for making this blog. As a wannabe e17 themer, I really appreciate your clear and concise explanations of things that have had me rattled for some time.

    Now, if you could just pull apart b_and_w and put each section into a self contained edc file, I would nominate you as a National Living Treasure. A separate taskbar.edc template would be nice too!


  2. 2 edjy

    Thanks Aubrey 🙂
    Ive always kept an eye on what you guys have been doing with OzOS. Seems like a good way to get E out there.

    Its actually quite easy to put the parts of b&w into a bling formatted edc type of edj. If you open up Edjy you can see the categories I used to group things into less .edc than bling. The bling style of edc is a little messy in that there are LOTS of places to look for things. With it all in 1 document we can search it like a regular old text document to find what we need. I did nag raster about it while we were making it, but I can now see why we went with the single .edc file.

    Im not going to deal with taskbar anytime soon, but what i will do it make sure theres a Module:Taskbar entry on exchange so then you can browse what themes have a taskbar. That way you can examine what other themers are doing with it so you can educate yourself on it a little further.

    Thanks for dripping in 🙂

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