Keys… A step in a different direction


Hi all!

Back again. This time, without any theme advice and tips, but instead I give you Keys! Its a python-efl based on screen keyboard. I really needed an on-screen keyboard for my Aspire One and illume is madness for a desktop/laptop type machine. Onboard is a great little app written in python and quite function all, but sadly, its ugly as sin. After about a week of learning python, I hacked together this little app! Its 80 lines of python mixed with 300 lines of edje, so you can tell that its VERY heavily based on edje and that means you can change a lot of things about it without any need to know python.

The gritty info about it, is that it waits for the edje to send a clicked signal with the keycode attached then fires that out. Simple. VERY simple. You will need to compile some of the python-efl modules though. These are python-evas, python-ecore, python-edje. Also required is the virtkey python module. The size of the whole package is a whopping 600kb, but that’s mainly due to the font. If you use a fixed sys font, I’m sure you could get it under 100kb.

To check it out,

svn co

And some eye-candy…

2 copied of Keys running to show the Shift function and resize capabilities.

2 copied of Keys running to show the Shift function and resize capabilities.

That’s it from me for now. I’m busy filling E17 with some icons. Very tedious work. Would much rather be hacking away at some crazy edje thing. Anyway…




4 Responses to “Keys… A step in a different direction”

  1. When I press shift the x znd z keys become the same. I wish I knew edje so that I could either put more keys on or to change some keys out for others. I am using this on a webdt and the integration with e-17 is amazing. Type a “h” and press enter and the file browser opens with your home directory showing. That is great however efl-keys lacks some basics like the “-” character so one cant even use it to start another instance of keys. I would love to loose xvkbd and use keys exclusively. Is there any way to mod in these extra keys I am looking for in edjeeditor?

    • 2 edjy

      Ive often thought about extending ‘keys’ support but the design layout I used was set for some basic stuff I was doing with a laptop and wireless mouse. I guess it was a personal app that I released into the EFL svn. By all means, run ‘edje_decc keys.edj’ and fiddle with the edc file. You may notice the macros in it. I used that to make adding extra keys really simple. Just follow them and youll have it in a flash. Also, use xev to find the correct key codes for – and what not. Also, thanks for the comment. 🙂 If you have any updates for it, please send them to tomhaste at gmail dot com. Cheers!

  2. After a year I have picked back up where I left off on my tablet project. Thanks for your instructions. I decompressed keys and have looked at the file. Looks like I may be able to add some keys. Before I go about it I had a question. Wondering if efl-keys can be scripted to start and stopped with a pkill action? I tried using the same script that I use on xvkbd and while it does start efl-keys it does not kill the process. Cant find any mentions in top. Am I missing something or can it be done with enlightenment-remote?

    • 4 edjy

      The process it will spawn will be “python ./” or something to that effect… try ‘ps aux | grep keys’ to find the exact process name.

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