Black & White Theme and my studies.


Greetings all,

Recently, theres been a bit of discussion on th B&W theme and its need to be fixed. Well, not fixed, more along the lines of a revamp for release. YES there is the faint glow of a finish line in sights! If you have the skills and knowledge, please look at:

…to see the direction us developers would like to see the theme take. Patches and changes can be sent to myself or the development mailing list. If you need assistance in any changes I will happily give anyone guidance on how to do so. I am going to be finding it VERY hard to do much of the things I love to do soon like messing around with edje and contributing to EFL due to….

Study! Yes study. Im studying to get a Bachelor of Technology in Computing Studies! This means Ill be able to do all sorts of programming and management stuff as I plan to do minor in Management. Ill be studying with Open University in Australia over a few years to get this. Since I havent had a lot of experience with many of the course elements, I suspect it will eat up a lot of my time. But, as I learn these new things I will be trying to contribute as a way of studying & practice.

That about sums it up for now. I dont start for another week or so, so Im hoping to get these theme revisions done before then.

So here I go into the wild blue yonder. 🙂


One Response to “Black & White Theme and my studies.”

  1. good luck with the studies!

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