Where am I?


Hi all,

Long time coming and I am still alive and well. In fact, Ive been so very busy. Right now Im studying a unit on Java programming and another on MySQL databases. Im really enjoying the Java one but despise the terminology for different java methods and inheritance. The MySQL thing is incredibly boring and I really dont like it at all. How can you possibly get excited and motivated about databases?! As for my progress with the course as a whole…

So far I have 2 high distinctions (highest mark possible) and with the 2 units Im doing right now Ive gotten 100%, 94% and 95% on my last 3 assignments. I even managed to learn MySQL databases, queries and ERD stuff in 1 week having no prior knowledge and manage a 94% 🙂 So Im doing alright. This is all while I have part time work… with full time study… and other commitments. Speaking of which!

Ive been busy the last 6 months developing and designing this webpage for my band, Sleepfreak. Ive coded all of it from my trusty ol’ gEdit and Chrome. Im pretty happy with it, but if you have any suggestions, Id freaking LOVE to hear them.

So all this has left me little time to tinker with E. Im planning on going part-time study for the next study period just for some time to breath and tackle my first C language unit. Id love to be great at that, rather than Java. And if all goes to plan, Ill be doing C programming as a noob and write some nifty EFL examples to help me practise it and contribute! Yay!

That’s all for now, and Im actually posting this from work. Im too busy at home to write stuff. 😦



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