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Where am I?


Hi all, Long time coming and I am still alive and well. In fact, Ive been so very busy. Right now Im studying a unit on Java programming and another on MySQL databases. Im really enjoying the Java one but despise the terminology for different java methods and inheritance. The MySQL thing is incredibly boring […]

Greetings! I just finished my 1st University exam. It was so very easy. However, riding home on my motorbike, I realised I left out some table metadata. I forgot to add border=”1″ and cellpadding=”5″. 😦 Anyway. So edje now has dynamic image sources thanks to cedric! What that means, is its now incredibly easy to […]

Hi! I present some interesting numbers regarding startup times and memory footprints. This started as a simple list but grew and expanded as raster pushed me along. I really only needed a little bit of data for my Uni assignment to put in a CSS table. It’s now a fairly comprehensive test. These results come […]

Greetings all, Recently, theres been a bit of discussion on th B&W theme and its need to be fixed. Well, not fixed, more along the lines of a revamp for release. YES there is the faint glow of a finish line in sights! If you have the skills and knowledge, please look at: …to […]

Hi all, Ive recently been considering updating all my themes so they cover all the most recent E updates with widgets and such. Since there are so many of my themes, Im going to take some time to do so. Now is the time to request any changes and things you dont quite like in […]

Ardy 1.0


Well! Im quite happy with it. Ardy 1.0 now sends AND receives serial data from the Arduino.  This means you can control Edje animations via the Arduino, and you can control the Arduino from Edje. Team this news up with Editje or the more developed Edje_Editor, and you have a powerful platform for making simple […]

Introducing… Ardy! Ardy is a small set of programs that show how to link up EFL to python then to Arduino. This is a great learning tool for Edje and python-EFL… and Arduino! With the release of Editje, Im sure making something fun out of this will be a real no brainer. The Arduino sketch […]